Algo Trading in India | How to do Auto Trading

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Nowadays, ALGO trading is very popular among traders because it gives an emotionless experience. While doing manual trading in the stock and commodity market, we face so many problems. the major problem which we face in manual trading is the involvement of emotions. Let's assume we are into a trade and if the trade starts going against our position, we become panic and forget to put the Stoploss in the trade and which results in a huge loss in our position. Many times we may lose our all money in a single trade itself.

If we trade with Auto robot trader, it helps us to get rid of the market volatility and keep a strict Stoploss to the trade. If the trend goes against the trade, it automatically squares off the position and takes new positions according to the trend change.

Once an algorithm strategy identifies an entry in any stock or commodity, it places an order in the market instantly before an eye blink. While we think an order is placed simply by telling the broker. we need to tell him about our stock, quantity and other things. It may take a long time and meanwhile, sometimes we miss the best entry price and face the slippage.

Traders in India are now being adopting auto robot trading because of its smart benefits. It is always better than doing gambling by placing random trades, without having any proper knowledge about the trend of the market. MCX Sure Gain is a company providing best ALGO software for stock and commodity markets. Traders of India can trade with the best MT4 indicators available in the market and can earn profit in a smart and profitable manner. One of the highly profitable indicators for commodity trading in India is "Money Machine" Indicator.

If we Talk about the performance chart of MONEY MACHINE, we found that it has given more than 300% gain in the last 10 Months. It is the best indicator for Crude Oil and if anyone invests the 1 Lac capital and start trading with Crude Oil Single Lot, it is able to earn 25,000 + Profit every month. Money Machine Indicator is superb robot trading system available for Indian Commodity market and you can say it is the exclusive MT4 indicator in the market which is having such a marvelous report card.

Doing ALGO trading in India is now very easy because most advanced brokers are available in India. Zerodha, Alice Blue and Upstox are the main brokers who provide the API solutions for trading automatically. API makes trading more efficient and effective. MCX Sure gain supports all above brokers and also the other brokers too. Most of the brokers are having ODIN and NEST software. ALGO trading can be possible in such software as well.

Trading manually can be more dangerous but, if one can start with ALGO trading, it will be safer and best for trading in stock or commodity. In India, less than 2% of traders are aware of the Auto robot trading and 98% of people are still losing their capitals by gambling. Our personal suggestion is to convert your trades from manual to ALGO will be more profitable and fruitful.

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Getting The Best Out Of Commodity Markets Cannot Be Easier Than This

Writer-MCX Key

Making extra cash is always a perfect idea based on the fact that it promotes financial stability. It does not matter how much money you earn: you have to invest it to make extra cash and sustain yourself. However, how easily you can make money will depend on your choice of investment ventures. Today, there are numerous choices of investment ideas that you can go for. Over the years, commodity markets have proven to be quite reliable in as far as generating income is concerned. Not shockingly, they have been able to draw the attention of many investors around the world including formal employees, self-employed, and retirees. Although investing in commodity markets is among the best ways to earn extra money, it is not the simplest. As a matter of fact, it is quite challenging to generate income from such markers especially if you do not take certain steps.

The one thing you can do

The one thing you can do to increase your chances of being successful in your investment venture is to take advantage of Commodity Market tips from reliable consultants. Taking this step is a good idea due to the countless advantages that are associated with it. First of all, it will help you to learn more about the highs and lows of investing in certain commodities. It is worth realising that most markets feature a long list of commodities. It is entirely up to you to choose one that is good enough to yield the right outcome. Most importantly, the commodities with higher profits are the ones that are favoured by most investors. You can expect to enjoy huge profits after selling highly priced commodities provided you have a ready market for them.

The second and most important thing to bear in mind is whether the commodities are on high demand or not. There are some investors that tend to buy products that are currently not attracting many customers. Such a move is a bad one because it does not guarantee success. Rather, it merely squeezes cash out of the savings of investors. If you have been saving for years and would like to make profit, the last thing you can do is to go for a commodity whose demand is very low. The consultants will help you to choose the goods that you can easily sell and generate profit.

Market trends are always changing. This is one thing that every investor has to bear in mind when searching for a commodity to target. Sometimes such changes can actually be very sudden and even unsettling. The consultants can help you to make the right market decisions irrespective of how unpredictable the market trends may be.

Over the years, the number of consultants has increased by a significant degree. It is somewhat challenging to know which ones to target. In order to make sure that the consultants you are dealing with are reliable, you can do well to search for MCX Trading Tips.

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Trend Master MT4 Indicator Free

Writer-Mcx Sure Gain

Trend Master MT4 Indicator is a free MT4 strategy available with MCX Sure Gain. This is a trend following a strategy based on various averages.  You can see the image of the strategy. In the image, you can find a buy arrow between the white color channel. there are some square boxes which are showing the various global market timings.


Rules to use the indicator:


Buy Condition: Up Arrow, Arrow Should be Above the lower white channel.

Sell Condition: Down Arrow, Arrow Should be below the upper Channel.


Note: If you purchase the MT4 Live feed for MCX or NSE then you can use this strategy for free. If you are already a customer of MCX Sure Gain then this is a freebie for you, download and use for free. Enjoy!!


MT4 Subscription Link

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Top 3 important tools for the Stock Market

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Trading in the stock market is a common challenge because no one knows the future of any stock with 100% Accuracy. However, the technical analysis is a method which can give a forecast of up to 75%. The perquisites for doing auto robot trading are charting platform with appropriate charting tools and the historical data for the particular stock.

MT4 or Metatrader 4 is the best charting platform which we can use for analyzing the stock market. It comes with the live data feed of various exchanges such as MCX, NSE, COMEX, FOREX, and Bit coin. The Metatrader is an awarded trading platform for trading in the FOREX market but, in India trading automatically is not opened for the retail traders. Indian’s can avail the benefit of its charting tool for making profitable trades. Metatrader is very easy to use software, and it comes with all charting tools as well as it allows building or install custom-made strategies. Most of the indicators are available in the default indicator list such as MACD, Moving average, Bollinger band, RSI, ADX, Stochastic, Zigzag.

Metatrader Demo account comes with some significant FOREX currency pairs. However, forgetting the data feed of Indian markets such as NSE and MCX, it comes along with a nominal charge of 499 INR monthly. MCX Sure Gain is the leading vendor of the data feed for MCX and NSE. After taking the subscription, you can become your analyst and can increase the ratio of booking profit into the trades. MCX Sure gain also work for the traders who do not have any knowledge about the charting and the technical analysis. Some other custom indicator comes on the market which gives clear indication about the direction of the market or the stock. The combination of indicator and the live data feed called “Auto buy and sell signal software.” It helps to take decisions quickly as it comes with sound and popup alerts. Whenever Market gives a trend change in any direction, it notifies about the difference immediately. It saves so much of the time because while using the auto buy and sell signal software; we do not need to stay in front of the computer all the time.

Now I am turning this blog to another new and very advanced technology called Auto Robot trading or Algo trading.

Algo trading means algorithmic trading in which trading performs automatically on the basis or any decided formula. In the foreign exchanges, auto trading is allowed for the retail investors, so they have the inbuilt auto trading feature in their trading platform. However, in India, the algo trading feature is not available on brokers trading software. We either use the API given by the brokers, or we use a third party connectivity tool called bridge. The bridge can take the signals from MT4 charting platform and place the order accordingly into the trading platform. It covers all major trading platforms such as ODIN, NEST, NOW, Trade Tiger, PI and Zerodha Kite.


In this blog, we have covered all essential techniques for doing trading smartly and profitably. Traders who like to have the demonstration of the above services can visit the official website of MCX Sure gain. Whatsapp: +91–9555455557 or write us at ccare@mcxsuregain.com

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Writer-svum Raju

 Stock2Options  Ph:9515309599

MCX Commodity Trading in India is a Source of income at part time.  Many Individuals with Computer Knowledge can earn some Income from Mcx Commodity Market to Meet their financial commitments and support to the regular income.  We provide free Live Intraday Trading Tips to earn income from MCX Commodities.  If you need further information Please contact :9515309599 or Comment.

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Blog- Algo Trading Process Explained

Writer-Mcx Sure Gain

Algo trading or automatic trading is a process of using software programme to perform the trading on a defined instruction. Manual trading always being a headache to traders because trading with consecutive loses a trader panic and slowly it may be a cause of losing patience. Algo trading is also known as the emotionless trading. Most of the traders are now shifting fasting from manual trading to Algo trading because it is possible to generate profit speedy and increases the frequency. Algo trading or auto robot trading is possible in the Indian market as well as in foreign exchanges. Most for the trades using FOREX trading has adopted the Algo trading in their trading pattern. Most of the trading platform is now coming up with inbuilt the auto trading feature which makes trading easy, profitable and emotionless.

One can quickly initiate the Algo trading in their trading pattern by using some simple steps. Now, let’s discuss the prerequisites needed for performing auto robot trading or Algo trading.

Creating a Strategy:
First and the essential requirement is the Strategy on which we need to perform our auto trading. For making a strategy, we require charting software. MCX Sure gain advice for MT4 Platform because we feel that MetaTrader 4 is the best Platform for building a strategy. MT4 comes with inbuilt charting feature where we can see the chart of any symbol with the historical data feed and current market data. MT4 is also loaded with the essential indicators which are there in the market from more than 100 Years and even traders in stock and commodity market are using them for a long time. I am giving some name like Moving average, MACD, Bollinger band, RSI, ADX and many others. On the chart, we can plot one or more indicators and can plan a strategy along with the indicator or the combination of indicators.
It is not compulsory that you need to use those indicators which are available in the MT4 indicator list but, you can make your strategy as well if you have a little knowledge of coding. If you don’t know about coding then also you can code it from the market.

Coding a Strategy:
After making a strategy, we need to code it for Algo in any language which is supported by the trading platform or the charting platform. MT4 is again best for coding a strategy because it comes with the MQL editor where one can merely code the strategy accordingly. If the trader is not as technical in coding, the can freelance or give any project on the freelancing websites. MCX Sure gain is also providing services for coding strategy according to the conditions or the indicators presented by the traders. Once your strategy gets coded, then you can proceed to the next step.

Testing the strategy:
Examining the strategy is very important because it is the only task which will clear the picture of the strategy. The coded strategy needs to be tested in most of the time frames and with many symbols. It is not the final step because we need to check the strategy by changing the parameters also because a single metric doesn’t work on all symbols and on all time frames. MT4 comes with one more attractive feature called strategy tester. In the strategy tester, you can examine the past movement data with your indicator, and you can get the result data about your success ratio of you your trading strategy.

Making Rules for trading:
Once you test and found that the indicator or the strategy you made is profitable for you and it can make money fastly, you can move further to write down the rules of your trading strategy, and then you must follow those rules for being a successful Auto robot trader or Algo trader. For being a successful trader, we must make and follow the rules. Trading only can be profitable in Algo trading, if you don’t alter our rules. Changing parameters or the strategy frequently can give false results.

Algo trading is just like a Robot trading without any manual intervention. Traders should do the process told in the above paragraphs and follow it with determination. These are the necessary things about Algo trading. Be a part of it and start earning the profit by being a successful smart trader. If the reader wants to get more knowledge about Algo trading, can visit our website http://www.mcxsuregain.com or Call or WhatsApp at +91–9555455557. I hope reading this blog increase your understanding of the Algo or auto robot trading.

Happy Trading!

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Use of Virtual Private Server for Auto robot trading

Writer-Mcx Sure Gain

The virtual private server is a virtual operating system which is available to automate any process which we cannot do on our personal computer. The virtual private server is a hosting service where we host website, databases, software, and auto robot trading in stock and commodity market. We can connect it via a tool provided in Microsoft windows called Remote desktop connection. The virtual private server has its internet, and the main feature of VPS is that it remains started forever until we don’t close it. The virtual private server is critical for those who are trading in stock and commodity market with Auto robot trading. 

While we make a strategy in stock and commodity market, we need to host it in the Virtual private server because it is not possible to keep your computer ON all the time and also to keep it connected with internet all the time. When we shut down the computer and restart it, at that time we need to reset the tools which are required in order to perform the auto trading. It may cause losing the previous trade history and some other essential trades too. In this blog, we are going to discuss what all aspects are needed while using the Virtual private server.

Method to Run the Virtual Private server:

Windows operation system gives an option to open it straightforwardly. Search in the windows programs for Remote desktop connection and the first field; we need to put the Ip address provided by the VPS provider. In the second field, we need to set the username and password. Most of the VPS do have a default username Administrator and a unique password. Once we complete this process, it will redirect us to the operating system which looks like the desktop of a computer.

User Manual and precautions:

VPS server comes with various hardware configurations such as CPU, RAM and Disk Space. We can take VPS according to our need and according to our needed location. VPS allows us to install all software needed for trading in stock and commodity market. MT4 provides auto robot trading feature in the software itself. Most of the FOREX traders are trading automatically trading via VPS only because, they don’t want to get an interruption in their trades. While we use a personal computer, we need to face many issues such as hardware failure, internet, and electrical failure. On the other side, VPS is not having such types of problems because the providers have high-quality servers along with high-speed internet and up to 99% uptime.
 Now we need to move to Indian stock and commodity markets, where we do not get the feature of Auto trading in the trading platforms. That is the reason we need to use a bridge software and MT4 Platform. An MT4 platform is used for generating signals according to the strategy made for auto trading. Bridge software connects to the MT4 and Trading platform. It receives signals from MT4 and pushes the message to the trading platform accordingly. It is compulsory to open all three software in the Server to perform the auto robot trading because, if all three software does not remain in running mode, it can be the cause of losing the trade. 

Things which can interrupt the Auto trading:

Monitoring the CPU and the memory usage consumption is essential. If the CPU and memory consumption reaches up to 100% level, it may increase the chances of crashing the Virtual private server and can make software not responding. MT4 always use high CPU consumption because it comes with a regular live feed of market data via web sockets. It can decrease if we use it correctly. Don’t keep all market data in the market watch window. Use only those symbols in which are going to do trading. One more important fact about the MT4 is that Indicator which we use also impacts the memory and CPU consumption. Always try to watch limited charts in the chat window because it will maintain the memory and CPU. If CPU usage reaches 100 %, it may also forcefully restart the VPS which may result closing the running software, and that may cause losing trades.

Monitoring CPU and Memory:

We can monitor the CPU and Memory by following easy steps. We need to the right click on the task-bar of the virtual private server and click on task manager. In the process section, we can see the memory consumption of all running software. In the part of the performance, we can see the CPU and memory consumption. An indicator which is having colossal coding and conditions according to our state makes it, and it will start using high memory and CPU.

Key Points to use VPS properly:
1. Avoid frequent connection
2. Monitor CPU usage 
3. Don’t Close any software during trading
4. Open and Close VPS properly

If we follow the above steps, we will never miss any trade, and our auto-trading will run correctly without any interruption. Follow the steps correctly to use auto robot trading because your money is precious and hard earned. Any interruption may cause losing money. Auto trading is also called emotionless trading, enjoy the emotionless trading with the Virtual private server.

Happy Trading!

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Best MT4 indicator for Live Crude Oil Trading

Writer-Mcx Sure Gain

Crude oil is the highest trading commodity all over the world. Most of the traders keep crude oil in their portfolio because it is highly volatile. Traders in India remains much interested in Crude oil and always get in search of the best strategy which could be profitable. This blog is going to stop the search because we are going to introduce a digital strategy for crude oil for live MCX trading. MCX Sure gain has recently launched the best plan for Crude oil traders called ‘ Jarvis Trading system.’
Before giving a brief detail about JARVIS trading system, we need to discuss the trading behavior of the traders in India. Traders love to trade in two ways.

1. Intraday
2. Carry forward or Positional based trading

Intraday trading is also known as the trading for the one day. In this type of trading, traders take position and square off the trade on the same day. MCX commodity exchange allows trading Since 10:00 AM morning to 11:30 PM. However, in US commodity exchange (COMEX) remain open after the Indian trading period so, when the next day market opens, it always open with gap up or gap down and this may cause opening against the trader’s position. That is the reason that the traders who don’t want to take that risk, square off the trade on the intraday basis.

Traders who trade with any strategy which gives signals for long-term are buying and selling with the carry forward method because they remain ready to have a good gain or a significant loss. Trading in which trader carry their position for more than one day is called Carryforward or Positional trading. Carryforward strategy gives profit when the market provides a good upside or downside rally.

MCX Sure gain tried to merge both traders and to generate a smart revenue on their investment. This demand of market gave birth to the JARVIS Trading system. JARVIS trading gives good profit on a monthly basis. Traders who are willing to stay happy with a handsome profit can choose JARVIS trading system in their portfolio because it is a test strategy which gives the return on a regular basis.

JARVIS trading system is the strategy based on a new technology called a neural network. A neural network is a technology where we allow the machine or the indicator to learn about the past moves of the market and to take the future prediction accordingly. One more difficulty trades face during their trading is to find the exit level from a trade. While using an indicator, it is straightforward to see an entry as according to the condition the indicator gives the alert to BUY or SELL. Trades always want to have the highest profit in every trade. In other words, we can say that they assume to take the BUY at the lowest price and to SELL at its highest level. However, unfortunately, it is not possible through the standard Indicator because as you pronounce indicator, it is clear that it can only indicate but not comes with any confirmation. As we discussed the JARVIS trading system, it is Just a somewhat brilliant system. We don’t need to worry about taking an exit from any trade because JARVIS itself decide about exiting with high return on the trades.

In short, JARVIS trading system is you trading buddy who takes all the responsibilities itself and trade accordingly to get you in profit at the end of the month. In last 2 Years, JARVIS trading system has generated profit or more than 8000 Pips in Single lot Crude oil trading. If we consider it in another way, we can say that on an average monthly it has generated the profit of 330+ points. In Indian rupees, it is 33000 INR every month on an investment of 80000–90000 Capital. This calculation shows a tremendous result which is more than any other investment procedure. The above conclusion is wholly based on the study sticks of the real movement of the Crude oil since last 2 Years.
Trades who are looking for a regular return on the investment, they must use the JARVIS trading system for at least at least three months and then they will surely get the highest return on their investment. MCX Sure gain strongly recommend the JARVIS trading system for crude oil lovers. Get more details : http://www.mcxsuregain.com/services/auto-buy-sell-signals or Call : 9555455557
Trading in stock and commodity market can be risky. The above details which we have shared are from the study sticks from collected past movement database of Crude oil. Traders may be advised using their mind before taking this system into their portfolio.

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6 Things to do before Investing in Stock Market

Writer-Mcx Sure Gain

Money is the first priority of Human being because money can buy anything in this world. This mentality attracts people to invest money in a stock market. The rumor about the stock market is, it is the best business where we can earn money faster than any other.  But, one should understand the dark side of the quote as well. Yes, it is true that the Stock market is the best source for making money but it is not as easy as we think and dream about it. Trading in the stock market is not as simple as we think. Research and the fact are totally different.  Most of the surveys about the stock market say that more than 90% of traders are losing their money in the stock market. In this blog will discuss the facts of the stock market and how we can make smart money from the stock market with some easy steps.


First and the most important thing which we need to understand about the stock market is, it can give you a higher return on your investment but, we must have information about the trading procedure in depth. Most of the traders lose their money because of the lack of the appropriate knowledge about the real trading procedure. Following are some important things which we need to keep in our mind before starting trading in stock or commodity market.


Getting appropriate information:


The stock market can give you higher returns but on the other side, it can suck your all capital also in seconds. The stock market is a game of volatility and big trendy moves. In short, we can say that the ups and downs are called the trends of the market. Before we invest our hard earned money into the stock market and commodity market such as MCX, NSE and BSE, we must know that what is stock market and how to find the best deals in trading on any stock or commodity. Google is the best option to get the important information about the stock market. Investing money without having proper information about it can be the cause of losing money very faster. We all know that throwing a bunch of papers is very easy but to collect these papers again is very tough. Same things applied to the investment. Taking the worst decisions is very easy but to recover the money again is tough. As a conclusion of this headline, I can say that first get full information about the stock market before getting involved in it.


Stop following the herd:


Investors generally don’t get the proper information about the stock market and simply follow the ship way of following others who had invested and exhausted their hard earned money. They simply go the broker and the executives of the brokers give them sweet bites about the stock markets. Brokers always want to earn the commissions on your trading. They simply want to increase the number of entries and exits because that is the only way of their earning. They never think about increasing your capital because it not their matter whether you have earned or not. They simply want you to generate the higher amount of brokerage by doing over trading in stock market.



Finding the best advisors:


In the stock market, it is also a very tough task to find the best advisor. If someone doesn’t have appropriate knowledge about any field where the person doesn’t have any information about, always search for an advisor who can advise for the good picks or stocks where the trader can earn money. But, there is also a twist in the story. Most of the advisors are like the wolf. They are also playing games with traders to feed themselves. They are not analyzing the market and they are giving fake tips and it cause losing money. In India, more than 70% of traders depend on the advisory firms and that is also a cause of losing money. They have the trick of choosing two traders and giving buy information to one trader and about selling information to another trader. One out the two will earn and then another one will lose. They simply call and ask for depositing the subscription charges from those who win in this game. On another side that loses the money is the unlucky one because they will stop picking their phone calls as well.


Be your own Analyst:


There are some interesting tools and method to analyze the market trend easily. The method of forecasting the price move is called technical analysis. Technical analysis can be done by some simple software and simple charting method. We just require a charting software where we get the past movement data and the current market data of any particular stock or commodity. You also can read some eBooks related to technical analysis. MCX Sure gain also provides the charting software called MT4 (Meta trader 4). Charting software always make you understand about what is cooking in the stock so, you can easily take action according to the trend of market and this action could be a profitable decision of yours.


Use of charting software:


Trading without technical analysis is called gambling. We must stay away from gambling because as a result of gambling you will get empty pocket. Always use charts and charting software to get the proper update about any stock or commodity. MCX Sure gain suggests the MT4 charting software because it’s being used worldwide. Traders who trade in Indian Stock Markets, they also can use of watching MCX Live, NCDEX Live and NSE Live Prices. MT4 is a trusted name in the industry of Stock market because most of the companies in different countries are using the MT4 software for their trading and charting purpose. MT4 comes with various free indicators such as Moving average, MACD, Bollinger band, RSI, ADX etc. You can use the indicators and easily analyze the next move of market very easily.



 Use Auto Buy Sell signal Software:


If you don’t have appropriate information about technical analysis then you can use auto buy sell signal software. Auto buy and sell signal software comes with many features such as arrows, sound alerts and popup alerts. The use of auto buy sell signal software is very simple. You need to open the chart of the desired stock and apply the Auto buy sell signal indicator in the MT4. Whenever the signal gets generated, you will get a sound and pop up alert for the same and you can easily take your trades. Auto buy sell signal software gives accuracy up to 75% which is best to earn money smartly from stock market.




Do Not waste your hardly earned money by gambling in stock market. Just assume stock market as a business and then take all decisions very carefully and by getting appropriate information. For getting more information about the stock market you can visit our website : www.mcxsuregain.com

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MCX Live Price | Gold Price Today

Writer-Mcx Sure Gain

Trading in MCX commodity market became viral after digitalization of internet and computer. Traders now want to get connected with the live movement and the fluctuation because it is very compulsory to stay connected with MCX live price. If a trader is trading in any commodity Live gold, silver, copper, crude or any other commodity, it is just to stay connected with the live market because the volatility in those symbols remains very high. Within seconds commodities give big up and downside movement.  If the movement is in favour then traders can earn the smart sum of money in seconds but, if it is against your trade then it could be a huge loss.

Importance of Live prices of Commodities:

People who are involved in the trading of stock and commodities, always search in google for Live MCX price, live MCX, gold price today, gold rate today, live copper price, live crude price. In this blog, we are going to discuss a website which gives solution for all searches regarding live MCX and NSE prices. MCX Sure gain is the only website where you can get not only the live quotes of MCX and NSE but also you can get the levels where you can purchase or sell any commodity. As we all know that in India as well as over the world, GOLD is a very precious commodity which is not only available for trading but also for physical buying and selling.

Beneficial for Non-Traders:

Jewellers always search in google for the gold price today or live gold streaming quotes. MCX Sure gain provides the live feed of all commodities on their website home page and also on the live quotes page. In the home page you can get the selected live prices of MCX and NSE but, if you go to the live quotes page then you can get the customized market watch. In that page, you can search your favourite symbol and stay connected with the live market prices.

Other Benefits of MCX Sure Gain website:

Mcx Sure Gain website is genuinely working to help traders by giving them buy and sell levels over the website but, for getting such benefits traders should register in MCX Sure gain website and then after getting login to MCX Sure gain website, they can access Live MCX and NSE market, Fibonacci levels, Support and resistance levels, LME inventory update, Live Commodity Tips by MCX Sure gain team and other users. If someone log in with MCX Sure gain account, he or she can post their own predictions about the market on MCX Sure gain portal and it will be visible to all the users of MCX sure gain family.


MCX sure gain website is very useful for traders because it comes with very good technical tools and the useful news about the trend of the market. The website of MCX Sure gain is having access to the sensitive data regarding market next moves such as the Support and resistance levels and the Fibonacci levels. MCX live price is the key feature of the website which provides the Live price of stock and commodity market so that, a user can stay connected with the movement of the particular stock or commodity where he or she had the position. In short, I can say that MCX Sure Gain is the best solution for Indian stock or commodity trader. I hope this blog is informational for Indian stock and commodity traders.

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