Auto robot trading in Stock and commodity Market.

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A vague notion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been revolving around the planet for years, making one drop jaw over the possibilities of the contemporary technologies and how they can potentially take over the world.  The adeptness, dexterity, and skills of these robots portrayed in our childish science fiction stories are now turning actual! We all have grown up watching movies motivated by the dawn of robots and also an apocalypse caused by the dominance of these robots, reducing humans to slaves!  But today we can observe many mind boggling software of Artificial Intelligence and their reflection in a wide range of industries, among which will be the trading in stock and commodity market.  


MCX Live is a platform that is going to provide you a plethora of automobile trading services and assist you in making accurate decisions while purchasing and selling stocks. Most of the folks are aware of Manual trading only, so they are oblivious of the innovative applications like MT4, robot bridge, and trading platform to multiply their shares and earn fast income.  These useful automobile robot trading tools are not merely time-effective but also more precise and profitable.  The inquisitiveness of human mind has propelled the mankind ahead and contribute to various discoveries and creations.

 The mechanics of auto robot trading relies on complex algorithms that lead to accurate trading decisions by the computer software.  We all have to do is to form a formidable and rewarding strategy and run it thoroughly before we provide our command to the computer software. 


What is MT4

Standing for MetaTrader 4, is a fundamental auto robot trading system commonly used for technical evaluation.  It's a wide selection of smart tools comprising 30 indicators coupled with numerous customized indexes, which allow you to have a dip into the market and have a detailed view of this situation.  Aside from the indicators, the MT 4 also gives you an opportunity to use 24 elements like analytical items comprising channels, lines, shapes, the Gann and Fibonacci tools, and arrows.  You can predict the future price dynamics on the marketplace by employing these varied objects and implementing them to charts and index windows. 

MT4, therefore, allows you to perform. Everything you need to and opens up the world of opportunities for you.  Now you can not only forecast the cost direction but additionally set support/resistance levels employing this extraordinarily advanced trading platform. 

What's MCX Live?  If You Would like to know the stock Market rates afterward MCX Live is a website that may provide you real-time updates concerning the commodity prices in India.  Moreover, in addition, it provides you a comprehensive comparative evaluation after consulting the rates of international trading commodities too.  MCX Live is a platform that is going to help you know the trading prices of all from metals to the agricultural commodities. 

Auto Robot Trading

System does not rely on human emotions and makes smart decisions on your

Behalf which lead to maximum profit in shares market and minimal loss. There But are unable to benefit yourself from these in certain situations because of Impending loss. System is a amalgamation of quick computer programs.  It relies on Our single control and does rest of the work.  The controls are generated On their own, enter the trading terminal and depart them.  Thus, using Auto Robot Trading System to your investment and essential choices in the share market is indeed more reliable and precise as compared to manual trading.

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Top 6 Benefits of Auto Robot Trading in stocks or commodities

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Top 6 Benefits of Automatic trading in Stock Market or Commodity

As we all knows that India is a developing country and adopting the advance culture of developed countries such as United States of America.  We are also adopting the Technology and tools also which are there from a long time. Auto Robot trading is also one among them. As per the survey, in united state of America more than 65% people are doing auto trading. They are not spending more time in trading currency pairs or any commodity. Manual trading is full of emotions and we all know that emotion makes us coward. When we trade and price started going down, we feel panic and at that time we take some wrong decisions which will become the reason of unwanted loss in a trade.

 Now, we need to add the auto robot trading in our trading procedure. MCX Sure gain is offering Auto Robot trading software which connects any Indian trading terminal to MT4 and whenever MT4 generates the signal. It will automatically place the same order in the Market immediately.  Auto trading (ATS) is beneficial for those peoples who don’t have time for manual trading now it’s easy to do trading automatically so let we try to know that how it can be possible. Following are some advantages of doing auto robot trading:

(1)    No manual intervention:-  Once you use auto trading, you don’t need to do anything manually. The program will automatically generate orders and submit them to it market exchange by the help of Meta trader 4. Automatic trading establish exit for any kind of Signal. This article will introduce readers to and explain many more benefits of auto trading system.


(2)    Time saving process: - Automatic trading process is also a time saving process as there is no manual intervention. We don’t need to sit on computer for long time. We simply can start the auto trading and move away. You can use some Interesting and profitable strategies like Super Trend, Moving Average, MA Crossovers, Gap Scalper, JARVIS trading etc. If any of the trader have any strategy which we want to develop on MT4, MCX Sure gain is the best source for that type or tasks.


(3)    Emotion less trading: - Automatic trading systems minimize emotions throughout the trading process. Because, if we trade automatically then we don’t involve the emotions as we do not sit in computer and do not watch the floating market. Traders who believe in automatic trading they don’t have need to hesitate during trading because automatic trading system have some rules if traders follow this rules there is no risk.


(4)    Profitable: - Yes, Automatic trading in stocks and commodity is Possible and Profitable. In automatic trading system if traders use the best indicators which are giving best results in day trading or in short term trading, it will be profitable. It is a common Quote that if you trade with proper strategy and with proper rules for one month you will surely get profit. No matter lesser or higher return but, you will make profit for sure. MCX Sure gain have some good and profitable strategies, We had told earlier about the names of the strategies.


(5)    Money management:- Robots always have the money management system for the traders. In the robot trading you can decide that how much maximum profit you want for today and how much loss you can bear. You can fix the amount in Rupees and the robot will consider the same. In case of profit or loss of the amount mentioned there, it will square off all the trades and make you free from the trading.


(6)    Custom Stop loss and Target: - (STOP+LOSS=STOP LOSS) No one wants bear loss in any kind of business where they invest their money for profit. In stock market sometimes trend is up and down and for sometimes it may be stable. If traders want to stop their loss they should exit from their trade immediately if the signal gets generated against them, or you can say if trend is going against you then you must exit otherwise it could become a reason of a huge loss in your account. But, in Auto trading tool you will find the options in the input of the indicator about putting Stop loss and targets. You can either use the Trailing stop loss of the normal one. In the trailing Stop loss it will trail according to the price movement.



Conclusion:  In this article we have a very few words about auto robot trading. In the conclusion I just want to say you that, for doing emotionless trading we must use the auto robot trading tool which works for any market. I am having suggestion of a video as well. I am giving you the link of the video In English and hindi both. You can watch the videos and get the idea about robot trading. I hope you have got all appropriate knowledge about the Benefits of automatic trading.

Video Links : Hindi , English





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How 1 Single lot of crude made 1000% growth in 18 Months

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Trading in stock and commodity market is one of the best way to make your money double or triple in very short period of time. You also can say that it is the fastest way to earn money as compare to other business aspects. Very few among the traders already know about the skills and they are making money in smart way. But, most of the traders are still away from the keys of success in Stock market trading. Today in this blog we are going discuss about one and most revolutionary product which generates the automatic buy and sell signal for your favorite stocks. JARVIS (Just a rather very intelligent system) is our Indicator which we have made on demand of MCX Commodity traders.

Most of the time traders call us and tell that they are trading in crude oil and they want a strategy which can give them smart return in that particular commodity. Our Technical team worked for 3 months and they made a very interesting money making machine as a result. JARVIS is capable to make money very easily and able to give smart profits on your hardly earned money. Your capital can remain secured in this strategy and you can smartly enjoy the profits for long term.

JARVIS is a price action and Fibonacci based trading strategy in which we have tested crude for more than 15 months in 15 MIN time frame and we found it is giving outstanding results in single lot trading. We have checked and found that Jarvis is capable to make money in arrow to arrow format as well. We always suggest clients to trading on JARVIS with 15 MIN time frame in crude Oil which can give you 200+ points on an average every month.

MCX Sure gain always tries to make trading easy and profitable for the clients. If you are trader in commodity market and crude oil is your favorite product then JARVIS trading system is best suitable for you. If you want to buy Jarvis or rent it you can call us anytime on the given number over the website.


Thank you,

Happy trading

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A True Diwali gift from MCX Sure gain for crude oil lovers

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JARVIS is one of the best indicators designed and developed by MCX Sure gain. Although, we have many strategies to cater the necessity for all trading platforms i.e. Indian/Foreign, but, JARVIS is our most excellent MT4 indicator for Crude Oil followers. We all knew that in commodity market crude oil is most traded and most favorite symbol for traders. Most of the traders lose their money due to lack of knowledge about the movement of market. Very few people are taking charts seriously. We glad to tell you that fortunately you are reading/listening this article/video about a charting platform which is actually best for you trading. Its MCX Sure gain’s indicator which works in 15 Minutes timeframe chart and we carry crude oil.

We need to buy or sell the symbol whenever we get the alert in the MT4 and then exit according to the reverse signal. In simple words we can say that we can use the indicator as Rollercoaster. Generally we have noticed that in one month you can easily earn up to 250 points in one month trading which is outstanding performance for an indicator. It is very powerful indicator among all auto buy and sell signal software. There are many other indicators available for free or paid in the market place But, MCX Sure gain is the only company which makes their own trading or charting strategies for traders. Our most of

the indicators are exclusive product of MCX sure gain which you cannot take from any other source apart from us.

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Best Forex EA with 100% Success recorded in EURUSD

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Above is the new Inovation of MCX Sure Gain. It's a forex Expert Advisor developed by us and the results of the EA is far better then other indicators in the market. We have started it in EURUSD and check for 2 months and found it made 200% profit in that particular period.


Time frame : 1 HR

Symbol : EURUSD

Expert Advisor : MT4

Result : 20000$ Earning in 10000$ capital


If you want to buy the EA for forex you can call us any time @ 9555455557 or you can fill the demo form in any page of our website. We will contact and give you demo for the same.


Thank you for watching the video in advance.

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Crude oil Analysis forecast for 2017 -MCX Sure Gain

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Crude oil is one of the most active trading symbol in the commodity market. Most of the traders choose Crude oil in their portfolio because, its highly voletile symbol and gives good movement on daily basis. Today, on our clients request we are here to come up with one more blog about crude oil forcast for comming days.

As we all now that it has given a good upside move in all july month. In the starting days of july it was around 2850 and today on 28th July 2017 it is 3150. It is about 300 point upward move which we can say is very good move for a single trend. But, Now as according to our technical trend line charting method we are looking it to be go down till 3050 levels soon. 


Trendline Explained: Above is the image of Crude oil trend line chart where you can see some blue lines and one white line . we have plotted one equilant channel and one butterfly pattern and the white line is the resistance line generated by previous movement. According to the strategy price is not able to break the resistance line. That's why we are looking it to be in sell trend.


Trade:  We Can sell Crude oil below 3150 and we can keep SL above the Resistance line (3180) and Target will be 3050-2980 respectively.

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Copper Climb 4% on Tuesday due to China Economic Data

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Copper prices touched a five-month high Tuesday amid signs of stronger Chinese demand and lingering supply-side concerns.

The base metal jumped 2.21% to $6,167 a metric ton Tuesday. Gold, meanwhile, fell 0.31% to $1,250.50 a troy ounce.

The International Monetary Fund revised its growth outlook for China, the world's largest copper consumer, up 0.1 percentage point to 6.7% late Monday.

"Economists have raised China GDP forecasts, that's been steadily positive for sentiment and helps support prices, that's one of the key drivers," said Warren Patterson, commodities strategist at ING Bank.

The economic data came after China released figures on its copper imports earlier Monday, which increased in June month-on-month.

The recent Chinese data is, "the underlying big picture support, which has been simmering in the background," said Robin Bhar, head of metals research at Société Générale.


On the supply side, Antofagasta PLC and Barrick Gold Corp.'s Zaldívar mine averted a strike overnight, but threats to supply still exist. Freeport McMoRan Inc.'s Grasberg mine in Indonesia, the second-largest copper mine in the world, entered its fourth month of strikes Monday, which helps further boost the base metal, Mr. Patterson said.

Gold prices were muted ahead of the U.S. Federal Reserve's decision on interest rates Wednesday, where no changes are expected. A firmer dollar also pushed down on the precious metal.

The WSJ Dollar index, which compares the dollar against a basket of currencies, ticked 0.07% higher to 86.57. A stronger dollar makes dollar-denominated metals more expensive for holders of other currencies.

"It's really just been a factor of the dollar," Mr. Patterson said about gold prices.

Among precious metals, palladium rose 0.95% to $857.15 a troy ounce, platinum fell 0.38% to $928.80 a troy ounce and silver dropped 0.99% to $16.28 a troy ounce.

Among base metals, zinc rose 1.52% to $2,830.50 a metric ton, aluminum was up 0.52% to $1,922.50 a metric ton, tin fell 0.02% to $20,245 a metric ton, nickel jumped 1.84% to $9,940 a metric ton and lead gained 1.79% to $2,298 a metric ton.

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MCX Zinc Analysis 2017 by Trend line Pattern

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Traders, Today we are here to give you a report on MCX Zinc according to our Trend line Pattern Method. In couple of months, MCX Zinc has given a sharp move towards upside. In November 2016 Zinc gives a movement of approx 40 Points in a signal month. The lowest level was 161 and Highest level was 203 Approx.

Now we are going to start discussing about the future move of Zinc. I am going to point out some of the support and resistance levels generated by our trend line analysis method.


Pivot: 178.50

Support: 175.50

Resistance: 180.50

Resistance:  185.00


In the Above Image, You can see one green Trend line which is showing the up ward movement of Zinc for the month of July and there are two more lines indicating down trend. One is red and another one is white. The red line is long term trend line and white is short term. The crossover of the 3 lines are known as the support, resistance and pivot level. In the image we have showed some stars on the crossover.


For the main support, resistance and pivot levels we have plotted horizontal lines which also you can see in the chart.


Instructions to Trade: Today on 25th July 2017, Current price of the symbol is 182.40 and according to our analysis zinc again came under the storng buy zone but as you can see in the chart, it seems facing some problem to move more up side. If it takes the support of the green line and move further according to the same direction then it can soon touch the major resistance levels. If it don't get any support for the green line and breaks the line for down move then you can see a sharp down fall till 178 Levels into Zinc.


Short Term: Sell below 181.50 SL 183.50 TGT 178.70-176.50

Long Term: Sell Below 182 SL 185.50 TGT 176.50-171.50 (if it breaks and sustain for 3-4 hours below 182.40)


Disclaimer: All information provided in the blog is only on the basis of Technical Analysis. Trading in Stock or commodity market can be risky. We are not responsible for any kind of loss. Trade according to your personal risk.

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How to Confirm an Elliot Wave Count ? -MCX Sure Gain

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When you are watching a pattern develop on a chart, how can you be sure that your wave count is correct? The Elliott Wave Principle offers rules and guidelines that you can use to add confidence to your wave count.Elliott Wave International's Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy spent years designing his own technique to improve his accuracy. He came up with the Jeffrey Kennedy Channeling Technique, which he uses to confirm his wave counts. The following excerpt from Jeffrey's Trader's Classroom lessons, a regular feature of his Futures Junctures Service, offers an overview of his method.

My theory is simple: Five waves break down into three channels, and three waves need only one. The price movement in and out of these channels confirms each Elliott wave.

Base Channel
Figure 61 shows three separate five-wave patterns with three different channels drawn: the base channel, the acceleration channel and the deceleration channel.

The base channel contains the origin of wave one, the end of wave two and the extreme of wave one (Figure 61A). Of the three channels, the base channel is most important, because it defines the trend. As long as prices stay within the base channel, we can safely consider the price action corrective. Over the years, I've discovered that most corrective wave patterns stay within one price channel (Figure 62). Only after prices have moved through the upper or lower boundary lines of this channel is an impulsive wave count suitable, which brings us to the acceleration channel.

Acceleration Channel
The acceleration channel encompasses wave three. Use the extreme of wave one, the most recent high and the bottom of wave two to draw this channel (Figure 61B). As wave three develops, you’ll need to redraw the acceleration channel to accommodate new highs.

Once prices break through the lower boundary line of the acceleration channel, we have confirmation that wave three is over and that wave four is unfolding. I have noticed that wave four will often end near the upper boundary line of the base channel or moderately within the parallel lines. If prices break through the lower boundary line of the base channel decisively, it means the trend is down, and you need to draw new channels.

Deceleration Channel
The deceleration channel contains wave four (Figure 61C). To draw the deceleration channel, simply connect the extremes of wave three and wave B with a trend line. Take a parallel of this line, and place it on the extreme of wave A. As I mentioned before, price action that stays within one price channel is often corrective. When prices break through the upper boundary line of this channel, you can expect a fifth-wave rally next.

In a nutshell, prices need to break out of the base channel to confirm the trend. Movement out of the acceleration channel confirms that wave four is in force, and penetration of the deceleration channel lines signals that wave five is under way.

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Commodity Trading Intraday Free Tips

Writer-neelabh shing

At TheEQUICOM Research,

Market weather in bullish or bearish state a trader wants to earn in both the situation. Wet TheeEquicom Research are working in the same direction to provide our clients the best services in all the segments of the market. The magnitude of our research moves around a single motive to provide our clients a step ahead of client satisfaction that is client delight.

You can trade in shares and commodities. However, in India, Theequicom mainly trade in stock futures and options due to sheer volumes. Trading means buying and selling a stock the same day or holding it for just 2-3 days. The former is called intra-day trade. The latter is called swing trade. Positional trade generally involves taking a longer position and holding a stock for 2-3 weeks.

There are"Equity Tips, Most Accurate Equity Tips,  market creators or experts and the whole procedure is arrange driven, which implies that market orders put by  Stock Trading Tips, MCX Tips, speculators are naturally coordinated with as far as possible agri tips, currency tips, . Accordingly, purchasers and venders stay unknown. The upside of a request driven market is that it brings more straightforwardness, by showing  "Equity Tips, Most Accurate Equity Tips,  all purchase and offer requests in the exchanging framework. Notwithstanding, without showcase producers, there is no assurance that requests will be executed

This depends to a large extent on how much capital is available, how many opportunities you can explore and your knowledge of technical analysis. Exchanging at both the trades happens through an open electronic point of confinement arrange book, in which arrange coordinating is finished by the exchanging PC.

Join Theequicom for best trading experience ever

Financial Advisory Share Market  Nifty Future Tips

The importance of discipline in share trading cannot be over stressed. That is because in most cases, when people are making money, greed makes them wait for more, and so they don't book profits. When prices fall, fear makes them sell fast. These situations can be avoided if they know when to book profit/loss.

If losses are not a deterrent and the market's roller-coaster movements give you a high, here are a few habits and skills that can help you stay on the right track. These are useful for day traders as well as positional traders if any one deal with theequicom Research Finanacial.

The vast majority of the exchanging the Indian securities exchange happens on its two stock trades:  Be that as it may  Commodity and stock tips are provided by experts only.,The research analyst panel in the company is in continuous touch of the market and is to deliver the best trading levels for clients. The experts analyze the charts and figures for providing the best research levels



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