Commodity Trading Intraday Free Tips

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At TheEQUICOM Research,

Market weather in bullish or bearish state a trader wants to earn in both the situation. Wet TheeEquicom Research are working in the same direction to provide our clients the best services in all the segments of the market. The magnitude of our research moves around a single motive to provide our clients a step ahead of client satisfaction that is client delight.

You can trade in shares and commodities. However, in India, Theequicom mainly trade in stock futures and options due to sheer volumes. Trading means buying and selling a stock the same day or holding it for just 2-3 days. The former is called intra-day trade. The latter is called swing trade. Positional trade generally involves taking a longer position and holding a stock for 2-3 weeks.

There are"Equity Tips, Most Accurate Equity Tips,  market creators or experts and the whole procedure is arrange driven, which implies that market orders put by  Stock Trading Tips, MCX Tips, speculators are naturally coordinated with as far as possible agri tips, currency tips, . Accordingly, purchasers and venders stay unknown. The upside of a request driven market is that it brings more straightforwardness, by showing  "Equity Tips, Most Accurate Equity Tips,  all purchase and offer requests in the exchanging framework. Notwithstanding, without showcase producers, there is no assurance that requests will be executed

This depends to a large extent on how much capital is available, how many opportunities you can explore and your knowledge of technical analysis. Exchanging at both the trades happens through an open electronic point of confinement arrange book, in which arrange coordinating is finished by the exchanging PC.

Join Theequicom for best trading experience ever

Financial Advisory Share Market  Nifty Future Tips

The importance of discipline in share trading cannot be over stressed. That is because in most cases, when people are making money, greed makes them wait for more, and so they don't book profits. When prices fall, fear makes them sell fast. These situations can be avoided if they know when to book profit/loss.

If losses are not a deterrent and the market's roller-coaster movements give you a high, here are a few habits and skills that can help you stay on the right track. These are useful for day traders as well as positional traders if any one deal with theequicom Research Finanacial.

The vast majority of the exchanging the Indian securities exchange happens on its two stock trades:  Be that as it may  Commodity and stock tips are provided by experts only.,The research analyst panel in the company is in continuous touch of the market and is to deliver the best trading levels for clients. The experts analyze the charts and figures for providing the best research levels



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Touchline Trading System - MCX Sure gain

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Traders, This inidicator is very simple to understand the trend. There are various support and resistance lines which we used as Targets and Stoploss that is the reason we named it as touchline trading system. Indicator is based on Fibonacci and SR levels. You can see the above image which you can see blue and red colour candles. We can buy one the blue candles and sell on red candles but you need to remember that at the same time the other oscillatior will be in the same colour or direction only.


You can Download the indicator

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Best Eagle Scanner cum Dashboard

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Traders, we are here again to introduce you with our one more product which is a MT4 charting indicator which gives highly accurate tips about stock and commodity. This is not a trend following or lagging indicator which provide the signals very late and maximum time we are not able to take the trades in such signals because, already you find that half of the movement for the trend is already over. One more major problem which most of the indicators do have that, Indicators always gives signals according to the trend and most of the time if the movement of the trend remains active for more than one day.

MCX Sure Gain always care about the profitability of the traders, so after doing so much research now, we are going to launch the most powerful tool for generating profits daily. It is nothing but a MT4 based indicator in which we have used a price action based breakout strategy which gives signals in early manner to earn maximum profits during the trading sessions. This indicator is the advance version or our earlier indicator named Eagle trading system. Eagle works on Trendline breakouts and gives Accuracy more than other indicators. It identifies the breakout and generate tips immediately. You can even use the indicator in One or Five minutes timeframe.

Eagle Scanner dashboard indicator scan all symbols shown in Market Watch and it creates one dashboard on the chart window. There are two modes in the indicator one is dashboard mode and another one is Normal mode. In dashboard mode, it can scan all symbols in the market watch and show all symbols entry exit and status on the dashboard. If you click on any box of any symbol it will automatic convert to the normal mode and then you can see the whole chart of that particular symbol.

This indicator gives full notifications such as entry, exit and for every stop loss or any target. For an example whenever the buy or sell signal will come, it will give signal with sound and pop-up notification. After the signal, it will wait for the stop loss and target and whenever the target achieves it will notify that “target 1 achieved” and same it will do in the case of stop loss as well.

Above is the image of the indicator. If you want to have a demo of our indicator you can take demo for 3 days. You can write us on ccare@mcxsuregain.com

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Dashboard cum Scanner Indicator for MT4

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Traders, Now you can watch all of your favourite Currency pairs, stock and commodities on a single screen with full information of Trend Easily.

MCX Sure Gain has launched a New revolutionary indicator for Stocks, Commodities and Currency Pairs. It is a unique dashboard in which you can see everything over a single screen itself. Above is the image of our Dashboard indicator. You can watch daily trends along with Stop loss and targets. Whenever the stock or pair change there trend immediately you will get sound as well as popup notification on your screen.

Scanner works from the Market watch. If you put 20 Symbols it will show you the result of all 20. In short, we can say that you can put any number of symbols in Market watch to get notifications.

We have added a very powerful calculation for Stop Loss and target also. You can get maximum profit and minimum loss in our strategy. Our strategy is based on Super trend trading system which is well know indicator used by maximum number of traders.

If you wish to have a demo of the indicator you can visit our website : MCX Sure gain or you can email us at ccare@mcxsuregain.com.

Happy Trading ! 

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Sell GBPUSD Below 1.27438 SL 1.27560 TGT 1.26810-1.26650

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Above is the chart of GBPUSD in which have noticed that its now being pressured for Downward. You can see a sharp down trend.

Following are the instructions to take the trade:

Signal: SELL   Symbol: GBPUSD Price: 1.27438

Support: 1.26458 and Resistance: 1.28117

Glimpse: Today we are analyzing the H1 chart of GBPUSD and we have observed that it is moving in selling zone. There is a strong resistance level @ 1.28117 Levels and Strong support @ 1.26458. If GBPUSD breaks the Resistance levels then only we can consider that it can go in buying zone up to 1.28730 levels otherwise it cannot to go upside because of the selling pressure observed in the chart. As per our Analysis we can sell it below 1.27438 and we can keep target of 1.26810-1.26650 Levels with the Stop loss Above 1.27560 (M15 Candle Closing based).

Note: Trade only below the entry level and book profit accordingly.

Disclaimer: Above given facts are on the basis of our technical analysis method. Trading can cause major losses.  Please use your sound judgment before making any position. We shall not be held responsible for any major or minor losses.

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SELL EURUSD @ 1.11689 SL 1.12081 TGT 1.1101

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Above is the chart of EURUSD in which have noticed that short-term buy signal is now over and it is moving toward downtrend.



Following are the instructions to take the trade :

Signal : SELL   Symbol : EURUSD Price : 1.11689

Support 1.11071 and Resistance : 1.12081

Glimpse : We have noticed that earlier there was a uptrend in the EURUSD chart( H1). But, now it is moving downward sharply and about to cross the trend-line breakout level of 1.11689 if it breaks the levels successfully then it will cause of sharp downfall or breakout towards the support level. We need to be aware about the reversal factor as well if it doesn't go below the selling entry level it can move up side and if in any case it breaks the resistance level can push it to 1.11321 Levels.

Note : Trade only below the entry level and book profit accordingly.

Disclaimer : Above given facts are on the basis of our technical analysis method. Trading can cause major losses.  Please use your sound judgement before making any position. We shall not be held responsible for any major or minor losses.


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Best Intraday Indicator For MCX and NSE

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 In Stock or commodity market, there are lots of methods to analyze stocks which make trading easier and profitable. But, unfortunately most of the traders who trade in stock or commodity markets are not aware of charting and technical analysis or fundamental analysis. They are doing silly mistakes and such mistakes are the only reason to lose their money.

Once you start any business before that you always do analysis about the product which you want to make and about that you do full research about it. After getting successful result on your analysis only you start business and you get success because of the homework done by you.

In stock market, we don’t follow the same concept. Stock market is not a place where you come and gamble. In gambling luck is very important and we all knows very well that luck never works all time. Stock market is a place we buy and sell shares for getting profits. In short I can say it is also a Business.

Once you start trading in stock or commodity market, you must use technical analysis to analyze which stock can give you sufficient profits on your investments. Technical analysis is not as technical as it sounds. Its Simply a way to forecast the price of a particular stock by analyzing its current market price and previous movement. In technical but simple words we can say that

“Technical Analysis is the way to find breakouts. Let’s find it.”

Now days, in the industry of Stock market, traders use many indicators to forecast stock prices. Some most favourite and commonly used indicators are Moving Average, MACD (Moving average convergence divergence), Bollinger bands, RSI etc. These all indicators are capable to give accuracy about 50-60% in case of arrow to arrow trade. Arrow to arrow means buy on up arrow and Sell on down arrow wise versa. But if you use same indicators in Arrow to profit then you can have more accurate results.

All above indicators are called trending indicators. Trending indicator actually gives signal late as compare to price action strategy. The indicator which works on price action works more accurate as compare to all other famous indicators mentioned above.

MCX Sure gain recently Launch one revolutionary Indicator for Stock or commodity market which is working with Price action and breakouts. The purpose of making such indicator is to give traders better experience of trading and it is best for those who want to trade and earn profits on daily basis.

Now days, more than 70% traders are intraday traders and on demand of many traders we have created the system called “EAGLE trading System”. Eagle trading system is the exclusive, user friendly and highly profitable trading system for stocks and commodity market.

Following are the Advantages of Eagle trading system:

1. Purely Intraday Based Indicator

2. Indicator which give Re-entry

3. Works well in lower timeframes

4. Capture All Trend’s profit Easily

5. Easy and User friendly

Purely Intraday Based Indicator:

Eagle trading is purely intraday trading system. We make the indicator for intraday traders only. In this indicator you will get signal for the day trading purpose and you don’t have to carry the position for next day so that you will get rid of the unwanted risk of carrying the position for Next day. We all know that most of the traders in India wants to trade on Intraday based and so that we made the indicator on demand of the day traders.

Indicator which give Re-entry:

Most of the indicators give entry and we don’t take full profit from the trade because we don’t know that how much movement is going to come into the particular movement of the stock or commodity. But, as we told you that it’s a intraday based indicator so suppose if one trend works for next 5 days and in other indicators if we exited from the trade in intraday then we need to wait for the reversal trend for next 5 days and there after we can trade for new signal. Eagle trading system gives daily new entry so for all 5 days we will get re-entry everyday and so that we can earn smartly.

Works well in lower timeframes:

Eagle trading system is a breakout based indicator so we can also use the indicator in lower time frames such as M1, M5 because we can easily come to know the reversal and to exit early without having major loss in the trade. Sometime we lose more money while using bigger time frame such as 30 MIN, 1HR etc. because in one hour you all know that what market can do with you if you are against the trend. Eagle trading system is best in that case to save your money in such negative trends as well.

Capture All Trend’s profit easily:

As we discussed earlier about indicator gives re-entry in a long term trend so we can say that it is able to capture the full trend of particular stock. We can use the indicator in Indian as well as foreign markets. To earn profit in smart and easy way.

Easy and User friendly

We have developed Eagle trading system for MT4 platform and you all know very well that MT4 is the easiest charting platform in the world. In Indicator you will get Alerts on Entry, Targets and Stop loss. Eagle trading system comes with dashboard in the chart. On the dashboard you can easily watch the entry price target price and SL level. Each and Every Signal comes with sound and popup Notification alert.

If you want to have a demo of it you can visit our website www.mcxsuregain.com or you can Fill the demo form link given below 

I hope you had a good time while reading . we will meet you in the next blog or video till than stay tuned. Subscribe us for more information.

Happy Trading!

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Earn Money via Auto Matic Trading in stock and commodity

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Now-a-days, large number of people is moving towards Share Market. It is because Share Market has become the most growing industry to earn fast income. Few of them depend on their skills and few depend on others to get good return. But, unfortunately very few have got good success and mostly people are still expecting success. It is only because of the lack of awareness about stock market trading and the basic concepts of trading in it. In this video tutorial we are going to introduce you about some powerful tools which have changed the history of trading and now a day it has became most famous among traders. Now days you all know that technology has taken over the control in its hands. It has provided so many options to the traders for making trading easy, profitable and user-friendly.

But before that we need to know how many ways of Trading are there. There are two ways to trade in Stock Market. (1) Manual trading, (2) Auto robot trading.
In manual trading, trader has to trade with his own skills. Sometime traders hire advisory or depend on the trading tips provided by the broker house. He needs to give too much of time to understand the Price movements and still it may not be that much profitable. Trading can become more accurate, perfect and error free if we use any kind of thing where our trading take place by the computer automatically. Where the computer trades on the algorithm generated by experts or by you is called “ Auto robot trading”. Auto robot trading or ALGO trading is a method which we use to take buying and selling decisions by software itself and the particular software trades automatically on behalf of our strategy which we have been developed after testing it in running market. Robot increases the chances of profit because in auto trading we don’t use manual intervention and all of the processes are automatic and our emotions won’t come in between our trading. Many times while doing manual trading, trader found that his positions in market is against market and his emotions don’t allow him to book loss at any certain point of reversal. If our position in market is against the trend and we get to know that we are not in a trend we should take exit as early as we can. But, due to emotions we don’t square off the position and we lose more amounts in that particular single trade itself. It becomes a most often reason of losing money and recurring losses in trades get the trader out of pocket and they take the decision of stop trading for a while. Thereafter, it will not only become the loss of money, it will also become the loss of confidence of trader of trading in market and it results in an entrance of one more critics of investment in share market group.

In India, most of the people are doing manual trading because they are not aware about Auto trading. They are having good knowledge and selection skill of shares but still are not such successful as they are a step away from success, which they can achieve by integrating themselves with Robotic System. Auto Robot Trading System is an integration of fast computer programs, in which orders get generated itself and get submitted in exchange automatically by entering entry and exit order in trading terminal. Robot Trading gives so many advantages with no actual disadvantage. Advantage in terms of accuracy, focus on many scripts at one time, good return, time saving and real time trade will occur each time. The US market is one of the big markets. More than 70 percent shares in US market are traded by using robotic trading and that’s why US market is proved to be a way to earn good profit as the US market investors start using robot technology long time ago. Technology takes users ahead of time. Robotic trade includes use of fast computer programs to make profitable strategies. It helps to make high speed decisions and entering or orders in stock market.

Auto robot trading is also known as Algo trading. Auto trading is a combination of Strategy and Robot. Auto trading allows the traders to make rules for entry and exit and computer will execute the trade itself automatically as per the rules. The strategies can be based on simple conditions such as moving average or it can be based on some complicated rules.
Every businessman should find first the Key Success Factors of his business to get success, as the key success factor decides which way the business will move. The Key Success Factor of Share Market is Latest Technology i.e. Auto Robot Trading. If the trader will indulge himself with Robot Trading, he will find himself doing everything widely, as Robot allows the trader to give time to only to select the source of earning profit and entire work will be done by the Robot. Robot provides so many features which will help to increase the accuracy and profitability with not so efforts to be made.

People have a wrong understanding that technology is tough to be use. But everything becomes so easy once they start it. In reality, Robot is very easy to understand and use. Trader just needs to start doing Robot Trading once and in couple of days he start feeling mastery on it and that will be the win of technology. So traders just need to start it without thinking too much.

In the next session we will discuss about the basic concepts of Auto trading and how to trade automatically. Thank you for watching our video. If you like our video you can subscribe or channel because in this channel we always upload videos related to stock and commodity markets. Will meet you in the next video. Till then Bye bye everyone. Happy trading!

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NSE Trading Holidays 2017

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There are number of segments in Indian share market as MCX, NSE CASH, NSE FUTURES AND OPTION, NCDEX, FOREX, AND COMEX etc, and we all know that share market takes place on all days except Saturday and Sunday. But there are some more holidays when share market closes, so that today we are here to know about equity’s holidays, because all the trader must have the knowledge about those holidays as well.

NSE (Equities Segment) trading holidays 2017 is discussed below:


Sr. No.







Republic Day












Ram Navami




Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti/ Good Friday




Maharashtra Day




Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan ID)




Independence Day




Ganesh Chaturthi




Mahatama Gandhi Jayanti




Diwali-Laxmi Pujan*









*Muhurat Trading will be conducted. Timings of Muhurat Trading shall be notified subsequently.

The holidays falling on Saturday / Sunday are as follows:

Sr. No.







Mahavir Jayanti




Bakri ID












Gurunanak Jayanti

Market Timings

Trading on the equities segment takes place on all days of the week (except Saturdays and Sundays and holidays declared by the Exchange in advance). The market timings of the equities segment are:


A) Pre-open session
Order entry & modification Open : 09:00 hrs
Order entry & modification Close : 09:08 hrs
*with random closure in last one minute. Pre-open order matching starts immediately after close of pre-open order entry.

B) Regular trading session
Normal / Limited Physical Market Open : 09:15 hrs
Normal / Limited Physical Market Close : 15:30 hrs

Block deal session is held between 09:15 hrs and 09:50 hrs


C) The Closing Session is held between 15.40 hrs and 16.00 hrs

Note: The Exchange may however close the market on days other than the above schedule holidays or may open the market on days originally declared as holidays. The Exchange may also extend, advance or reduce trading hours when its deems fit and necessary.


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Trading Holiday 2017 MCX / Trading Holiday NCDEX 2017

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Trading Holiday 2017 MCX / Trading Holiday NCDEX 2017

In share market there are some holidays when the market closes. Every year holiday's dates change, so trader must know about that when market closes or when opens. Because we know there are two session in share market "Morning session" and "Evening session", in some holidays market opens at 5:00 p.m. For your best knowledge of the holidays of mcx we have mentioned.   

Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) of India remain close for trading on following days:

MCX Holidays 2017 List
#HolidayDateMorning SessionEvening Session
1 Republic Day Thursday, Jan 26, 2017 Closed Closed
2 Mahashivratri Friday, Feb 24, 2017 Closed Open
3 Holi (2nd day) Monday, Mar 13, 2017 Closed Open
4 Ram Navami Tuesday, Apr 04, 2017 Closed Open
5 Ambedkar Jayanti / Good Friday Friday, Apr 14, 2017 Closed Closed
6 Maharashtra Day Monday, May 01, 2017 Closed Open
7 Ramzan ID (Id-UI-Fitar) Monday, Jun 26, 2017 Closed Open
8 Independence Day Tuesday, Aug 15, 2017 Closed Closed
9 Ganesh Chaturthi Friday, Aug 25, 2017 Closed Open
10 Gandhi Jayanti Monday, Oct 02, 2017 Closed Closed
11 Diwali - Laxmi Pujan Thursday, Oct 19, 2017 Closed Open
12 Diwali - Balipratipada Friday, Oct 20, 2017 Closed Open
13 Christmas Monday, Dec 25, 2017 Closed Closed

Public Holidays and Festivals falling on Saturday / Sundays:

  • Mahavir Jayanti: Sunday, April 09, 2017
  • Bakri Id: Saturday, September 02, 2017
  • Dussehra: Saturday, September 30, 2017
  • Muharram: Sunday, October 01, 2017
  • Gurunanak Jayanti: Saturday, November 04, 2017

Dewali Muhurat Trading 2017 (Diwali Amavasya - Laxmi Puja):

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Commodity Segment Diwali Muhurat Trading / Deepavali 2017 Muhurat Trading will be held on Thursday, October 19, 2017 from xxx PM To xxx PM (Diwali Amavasya - Laxmi Puja).

Currency Derivatives Segment Diwali Muhurat Trading will be held on Thursday, October 19, 2017 from xxx PM To xxx PM.

Note: On the occasion of Diwali (Laxmi Poojan Day), futures contracts of all commodities will be available for Muhurat Trading.

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