How to Use Custom Time Frame In Metatrader 4

Writer-Mcx Sure Gain

Dear Traders!

Many Traders ask us to have a indicator or any technique through which they can use Custom Time frames in Metatrader 4. Now a days MT4 comes with some specific time frames such as ( M1, M5, M15, M30 etc.) if anybody wants to see a time frame of M2 or M6 it is also possible through MT4 indicators. Following are the Steps which anyone can follow and use it.


Step 1 :  Download the Indicator From the Link Given Below.

Step 2 : Go To Metatrader 4 and Click on File - Open data folder - MQL4 - Indicators and Paste the Indicator file.

Step 3 : Go to Navigator window and right click - Refresh  or  You can close and reopen MT4.

Step 4 : Open any Chart and Double click on the indicator Period Converter.

Step 5 : In common section click on Allow DLL imports

Step 6 : In Input Section Click on Period Multiplier and change the period accordingly.


Example : If you want to see chart of 7 Minute then Put Period Multiplier 7 and Change the time frame to M1. 


Step 7 :  Go to File - Open Offline and select Symbol in M7 ( if you have put 7 ) or select on the particular time symbol.


Step 8 : Double click on the symbol in offline and your custom time frame is Ready.


Enjoy !  Share the Blog if you liked it .

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How to earn money in Indian Share market?

Writer-sunil sure gain

Everybody dreams to earn big and spend their life with full of fun and happiness. Trading in Indian Share Market has become the most preferable choice for everyone, as the returns will remain to be the same at the old age as well. There are two ways of trading in Indian Share Market, such as Call trade and Online trade.

Initially, hard work was key to success, but after the IT revolution, smart work in addition to hard work is much more required to compete with the world. Online trading is a combination of IT technology and Indian Share Market. By using IT technology, you can earn big and get succeed many a miles, as money losing chances become very much low. Life can turn around over a month after engaging with online trade in Indian Share Market.

Now the question arises what is Online Trade?

Online trade is a way to trade in Share Market by using softwares and smart applications, which is also known as robotic trade.

Robotic trade is a smart way to earn money in very short term period. Mcx sure gain is a rising star company who is having rocket success in this field as it has produced very smart application & Robotic softwares over a period of time, which are tested in so many ways and proved to be the best.

These softwares and application are following. Following softwares & application of Mcx sure gain is in trend as they are unique in quality.

  1. Auto Robot Trading
  2. Auto Buy & Sell Signals
  3. Mcx Buy Sell levels
  4. Mcx Auto Tips
  5. Trading Tips
  6. MT4 Data for PC & Mobile

These softwares are programmed with such perimeters that produce profit in several ways. They are very easy to operate and guide the trader in best way.

Mcx sure gain is focusing to earn the customer value, not money, as they are providing their products at very low cost & demos of every product, so that they will prove their softwares to be truly beneficial for earning money in Indian share market. Mcx sure gain is always there for the customers before & after selling of product. Mcx sure gain made the trading so easy that now the trader just need to select from which part of Indian Share market they want to earn, thereafter all the initiatives will be taken by softwares produced by Mcx sure gain.

Thank you

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Chetan Dhokiya


Chetan Dhokiya is SEBI Registered Research Analyst and Investment Advisor in India.

He is Youngest Peerson who have SEBI Registration Certificate.

He often Share his Knowledge on CNBC Awas, ZEE Business etc News Channel

He Provide Below Services:

  • Equity Intraday Tips
  • Stock Future Tips
  • Stock Options Tips
  • Commodity Tips
  • Equity Positional Tips

You can Visit His Personal Website from here

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There are a couple of ways to trade in share market, such as Online and Offline trading. But, most of people use online trading because it makes trading easy, successful, and save the time also. While trading we all have to get knowledge about some strategy and should know about charting that how charts work. We may know about charts but we are not able to analyze the trend according to charting movement. Charting strategy or software is beneficial for us. For that we will discuss about is below:

What is Meta Trader 4?

Meta trader 4 is an electronic Trading cum charting platform widely used by traders. It is also called by MT4. We can use it to see charts in various markets such as COMEX, NYMEX, DGCX, MCX, NSE, NCDEX etc. We can trade easily by using charts because charts always help us to identify the trends of Market.  Although it is a Trading platform for some forign markets but in india we use the Platform for charting only because It is having inbuilt indicators, oscillators and many other tools which can help us for a successful trading. MT4 can be used only in watching charts, symbols and indicators. But in foreign exchange MT4 is used for trading also.

As we know that entire world moving towards online way instead of doing manually or offline. In that case Meta trader 4 is the best platform for charting.  


How we get Benefit from Meta Trader 4 in Share Market?

We have discussed about MT4, now we should know about it’s advantages and  how it can work for Indian markets to get profits in a smart and easy way. Basically other charting software does not have whole symbols  of various markets but, Meta Trader 4 is having approx 900 symbols of All Markets. We can get MT4 charting software according to our need. For an example if we trade in Indian stocks than we can get the subscription of particular segments from Mcx Sure Gain. It can help a trader to watch symbols of their own wish. It is having in built indicators which can help a trader to trade by indicators and earn best profit without any difficulty. Mcx Sure Gain provides various beneficial charting stretegies to watch and get perfect idea about the actual trend of Market. Meta Trader having best charts as compare to other because it’s a best platform which is being used worldwide. In MCX and NSE market Meta Trader 4 and Mcx Sure gain indicators gives best results. Mt4 with mcx sure gain indicators is called as  Auto Buy and Sell Signal Software. Apart from inbuilt indicators there are more indicators which are customized like: SUPERTREND, EAGLE INTRADAY TRADING, MACROSSOVER, WEALTH Plus and SAI INTRADAY trading system. These are the indicators if trader will use these indicators he will get the result more than his expectation. Because it is having standard parameters which can apply on any symbol.

MCX SURE GAIN is providing Meta Trader 4 Data and all the indicators which we have learnt about above. For more details about MT4 OR Auto Buy and Sell Signals visit: or call on 9555455557



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Budget 2017-2018

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Madam Speaker, On this auspicious day of Vasant Panchami, I rise to present the Budget for 2017-18. Spring is a season of optimism. I extend my warm greetings to everyone on this occasion.

2. Madam Speaker, our Government was elected amidst huge expectations of the people. The underlying theme of countless expectations was good governance. The expectations included burning issues like inflation and price rise, corruption in day to day transactions and crony capitalism. There was also expectation for a major change in the way the country’s natural resources were allocated, processed and deployed.

3. In the last two and half years, it has been our mission to bring a Transformative Shift in the way our country is governed. We have moved  from a discretionary administration to a policy and system based administration; from favouritism to transparency and objectivity in decision making;  from blanket and loose entitlements to targeted delivery; and  from informal economy to formal economy. Inflation, which was in double digits, has been controlled; sluggish growth has been replaced by high growth; and a massive war against black money has been launched. We have worked tirelessly on all these fronts and feel encouraged by the unstinted support of the people to our initiatives. The Government is now seen as a trusted custodian of public money. I take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the people of India for their strong support.

4. We shall continue to undertake many more measures to ensure that the fruits of growth reach the farmers, the workers, the poor, the scheduled 4 castes and scheduled tribes, women and other vulnerable sections of our society. Our focus will be on energising our youth to reap the benefits of growth and employment.

5. Madam Speaker, I am presenting this Budget when the world economy faces considerable uncertainty, in the aftermath of major economic and political developments during the last one year. Nevertheless, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that world GDP will grow by 3.1% in 2016 and 3.4% in 2017. The advanced economies are expected to increase their growth from 1.6% to 1.9% and the emerging economies from 4.1% to 4.5%. As per current indications, macro-economic policy is expected to be more expansionary in certain large economies. Growth in a number of emerging economies is expected to recover in 2017, after relatively poor performance in 2016. These are positive signs and point to an optimistic outlook for the next year.

6. There are, however, three major challenges for emerging economies. First, the current monetary policy stance of the US Federal Reserve, to increase the policy rates more than once in 2017, may lead to lower capital inflows and higher outflows from the emerging economies. Second, the uncertainty around commodity prices, especially that of crude oil, has implications for the fiscal situation of emerging economies. It is however expected that increase, if any, in oil prices would get tempered by quick response from producers of shale gas and oil. This would have a sobering impact on prices of crude and petroleum. Third, in several parts of the world, there are signs of increasing retreat from globalisation of goods, services and people, as pressures for protectionism are building up. These developments have the potential to affect exports from a number of emerging markets, including India.


Download full PDF file from the link given below


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How to boost your Income In Share Market ?

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Would you like to earn money without too much of physical navigation and only by using your skills and knowledge?


In this blog we will tell you that how you can easily fulfill your dreams by doing trading in Share or Commodity Market.


Now a days, everyone is thinking about to earn good profit in short term. Investing income can come from stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds or many other forms. But most preferred way is trading in share market. Because investing in share market can give you good return as compare to investing in other forms.

 Now following question are arising in your mind :


1.         What is share?

2.         What is share market?

3.         How to boost income in share market?



  What is share?


According to Wikipedia “In financial markets, share is a unit of account for various investments. It often means the stock of a corporation, but is also used for collective investments such as mutual funds, limited partnerships, and real estate investment trusts.”


In Simple words, we can say that share is a part of any company which they allot to public to raise money and from that money they can invest into their business and get profits from the investment. They share the profits to the share holders according to the ratio.


    What is share market?


According to Wikipedia “A stock market, equity market or share market is the aggregation of buyers and sellers (a loose network of economic transactions, not a physical facility or discrete entity) of stocks (also called shares), which represent ownership claims on businesses; these may include securities listed on a stock exchange as well as those only traded privately.”


In Simple words, we can say that it’s a market where buy and sell shares of different company and claim sharing on there profits accordingly. Or you can say that it’s a market where we can earn by buying shares at lower price and selling at higher price.


     How to boost income in share market?


 As we have gained knowledge about shares and share market above. Now the main question will come in everyone’s mind that How to boost my income in share market?” Because we all know that lack of  knowledge about share market can lose our money. But we can use charts to get proper guidance about the trend of market. Trend is  the way of market. Market generally moves in 3 trends Uptrend, Downtrend and Sideways trends. While using charts we can get information about how to get good gains in the market. We can make a good strategy while using charts and we can test the strategy in charts and  if we know that in which strategy we can get best earning or profit can increase our income easily. Mcx Sure Gain provides some built in strategies which can boost your income. According to my knowledge good strategy can boost your income in share market.


As you know that there is lots of way to invest our income but if you invest in share market you will find that you are getting much more best earning as compare to invest in other. Mcx Sure Gain gives best advice and many good tools to make your trading successful.


But in recent time no one is having much time to invest their precious time to share market or their trade therefore they bear lose and get disappoint. For that MCX sure gain is providing Auto Robot Trading software in that we can trade automatically. We just have to do setup once in a day in bridge and bridge detect signals and bridge transfer signals to trading terminal and trade will occur. This Auto Robot Trader is too much effective and will save your time and give you best income in short time. And most importantly it will boost your income in share market more.




For more detail about Auto Robot Trader you need to visit website or call on 9555455557.  


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MT4 Realtime data provider for MCX and NSE

Writer-Mcx Sure Gain

We are the leading Metatrader 4 (Mt4) realtime data provider for NSE, MCX, MCX-SX, COMEX, FOREX.We provide MT4 charts for expert charting. Metatrader 4 is the award winning and best software in the industry of trading and Charting terminal. In foreign Countries this platform use for trading as well as charting. But in India it is available for charting purpose only. Metatrader 4 software is very user friendly software for all types of traders, technicians and investors. Its too simple to operate and having all the basic indicators, oscillators and charting tools inbuilt. There is widest range of indicators and strategies in the Metatrader codebase itself.





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99% People Loss in Intraday Trading. and only 1% people earn from market.

so here i will discuss about how to beat stock market.

Risk management - Great traders keep their resources allocated to the best opportunities, all the time. They don't get emotional about losers, they cut them. They don't get too excited and cover winners early, they hold them until the trade is done. They step on the gas in good times and play smart in tough times for their strategies.

Timing - Ordinary investors get caught up in the hype and buy high, then panic out and sell low. Great stock operators have better timing because they buy and sell based on considered strategies with defined entry and exit parameters.

Execution - Implement the arbitrage strategy faster. Work through bids and offers efficiently to reduce slippage. Gather and interpret all that special data with super-fast computer systems. And you'll get better entries, reduced losses, more shares out at the best prices -- overall, a more precise implementation of your strategy.

Layering - Imagine you’re a great value investor, and then you layer other advantages on top. You sell a lot of insurance and use it to provide low-cost leverage and tax benefits. You're big enough that you can negotiate deals at huge discounts to buy stock from giant corporations, or to get cheap financing. These are the lesser-known elements of Warren Buffett's success.

Asymmetric Returns - Almost no successful stock traders make precise predictions of where stocks are headed, or have the kind of pat explanations of market behavior that television pundits immediately, constantly, and comprehensively give us. Rather, what they do is get into positions that will sometimes win and sometimes lose, but the wins will be much bigger than the losses overall.

Give To Get - The market is a conversation. If you’re not contributing much to the conversation, don’t expect to get anything extra out of it. You might contribute new information, or make it easier for investors to move money easily at a good price. You might smooth out some inefficiencies that crop up, or lessen the blow of boom-bust cycles. For all but maybe three of the strategies below, traders’ profits are compensation for their contributions to the market.

Activist Investing - You uncover massive fraud in a company, place a bet against its stock, then alert the public. Alternatively, you see a massive opportunity that a company isn't taking advantage of, buy enough of the company to make it do what you think it should, and profit when your changes work.

Event-Driven - Expert in special events. A company splits into two stocks and you're the only one who knows one is worth twice as much as the other while everyone else thinks it's even. Buy low, sell high, then publish the truth and make 30% in a few days.

Distressed - People dump the stocks of companies going bankrupt. If you know what you're looking for, you can get deep discounts on assets, or you can negotiate deals that give the company better prices in bankruptcy.

Long/Short Equity - The vanilla hedge fund strategy. Pick the best and worst companies, buy the best, and sell the worst. Usually the reasons you hear on television: this company has the best strategy, that one has weak financials, the other industry is weak. Standard version, 130% of fund value bets on the market to go up while 30% bets on the market to go down, which means you're using a bit of borrowed money. Mix in some derivatives to hedge risk.

Funds of Funds - Maybe you're no good at beating the market yourself, but you're good at picking which managers will. Build a portfolio of great managers.

Macro - You have a picture of where the world is going and place bets on it. Gold is undervalued and primed for a pop. The British Pound is about to break through massive resistance. Money will rotate out of tech and into materials.

Value - Buy good companies for cheap, and hold them for a long time. Commonly you're looking for great financial statements: hardy assets, minimal liabilities, robust earnings.

Growth - Buy companies that are set to explode. Build a portfolio so that the small losses you see in those that don't work will be offset by the huge wins you see in those that do.

Momentum - Stocks that are already going up tend to keep going up. Now, when they fall, they fall really hard. But historically, the expected value versus the market has been positive.

Trend Following - When a market or sector is trending, get in stocks that have already formed trends and add in until they stop following their trends. Ideally you buy when a stock is in consolidation or correction within the trend.

Technical Analysis - Looks at price action. There are lots of variants here, from standard Moving Averages to Elliott Wave and Darvas Boxes. Don't buy into the black magic versions, but most traders I know pay attention to, say, the 200-day moving average, which basically tells you how a stock has generally trended over the last year.

Mean Reversion - The opposite of Trend Following. Profits when a stock has moved too far too fast, and it bets against the move. If a stock is massively overextended it's a mean reversion candidate.

Breakouts - Stocks can hit thresholds of resistance where there is concentrated buying or selling pressure. When they pop through those buyers/sellers, often there is a lot of room for them to run. Identify those key points and when stocks will break them.

Market-Making - Say that a stock is "really" worth $50/sh. If you want to buy or sell, you've got to buy or sell from someone. A market-maker buys or sells for a slight premium versus his model of the "real" value of a stock -- say, $49.95 or $50.05 for a $50.00 stock -- which takes the hassle out of finding a buyer or seller at exactly your price.

Arbitrage - If Gold were trading in Chicago at $40/oz and in New York at $50/oz, you would buy all you could at $40 and sell it at $50, as fast as you could. That's arbitrage. Today such opportunities still exist when we cross different markets and exchanges, though they're typically rare and small. There's also opportunity for those who have great pricing models for sophisticated derivatives, or things like credit spreads.

Exchange Rules - There is a complex ecosystem of rules among venues for stock trading (arca, nsdq, bats, edgx, iex, etc.). In some circumstances you get a rebate, in others you pay a fee. If you can navigate this deftly but others can't, you may be able to pick up the difference between rebate and fee.

Undeveloped Markets - Any market without capable eyes on it will have lots of inefficiency. Arbitrage, trending, massively overextended moves, and so on. Bitcoin was free money for market-makers early on. This could be obscure derivatives, young foreign stock markets, whatever.

Early Information - You send an analyst to a courtroom so that you know the results of an important case first. You post people at gas stations to count the trucks coming out of a warehouse, so you can estimate the change in sales before anyone else. You use satellite imagery to model construction patterns across the globe.

Regulations - Ordinarily companies release big-time information quarterly and annually. Sometimes they are forced to reveal that information early due to obscure regulations. If you know which random agency or tiny country they report to early, you can trade on the information before the rest of the market.

Quantitative - Typically these guys use ordinary strategies, but they do it with computers. So they do market-making with massive statistical models, or their computers read news headlines, or they learn about a company's fundamentals from its customers on social media, or their intricate derivatives formulas spit out easy numbers in an instant.

Market Player Constraints - Lots of big players have somewhat arbitrary rules, such as constraints placed on pension managers or mutual funds. Whole classes of investment dollars sell out when stocks fall below $5 or $1. Tax-loss harvesting at the end of the year from robo-advisors. Stocks that have just gone to the pink sheets, or just declared bankruptcy.

Market Player Behavior - By knowing other strategies' behavior, you can anticipate moves. You watch for that bump when a stock falls into the parameters of value players, growth players, momentum players. You model when a stock will be added to this or that index and/or ETF.

Access - Maybe you have an IPO pipeline due to relationships at major banks. Since IPOs are intentionally priced to climb 10% or so in the short term, you can flip them easily. Or maybe you're the only player with serious access to a particular market (ability to use computerized systems, ability to place lots of orders, ability to sell short), so that you can do big boy market-making with no competition.

Work For Congress - Lawmakers have hugely significant inside information about the treatment of industries and even particular companies... and it's legal for them to trade on it! Supposedly very few of them successfully parlay this informational advantage into meaningful profits. helpfully pointed out in the comments that this was the subject of recent legislation, and what I wrote in this paragraph is outdated.

Other People’s Money - It’s really easy to come up with a strategy that pays off most of the time, so long as you’re willing to lose it all once every few years. The compensation structures with certain banks, funds, and government relationships allow you to profit massively during the good times and pass off all the losses onto someone else.

Disclaimer: This is information, not recommendation. These strategies have been successful for people who are really good at them. All of them are likely to blow up in your face if you’re not really good at them… and possibly even then.


Reference: Dalalstock, Quora Article, Chetan Dhokiya

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How to Calculate Stoploss and Targets in Correct Manner during trading in Share Market

Writer-Mcx Sure Gain

If you are a beginner in Share and Commodity Market, You must know the proper way of trading before you invest your precious money into Market. If you trade without charts and without having proper knowledge about trading you can’t become a successful trader. Trading in share and commodity market is same as you do any business. But, unfortunately most of the traders lose their money into Market due to lack of proper knowledge and guidance. Actually we must know the correct procedure.

First and Most important thing is that you must use charts and have some knowledge about technical analysis. If you start with technical analysis you will become a smart trader. In technical analysis you will get information about proper Entry, exit, Stop loss and Target.

“Trading without chart is just like gambling. You better know that to do gambling LUCK matters and Luck doesn’t work every time”.


Once you take a trade before that you have to analyze the Stoploss and Target. Stop loss is actually a figure which we use once our trade is going against our trading direction. we decide to exit  from our trade on a particular stage to avoid major loss . Target is also a figure which we decide to exit from a trade in a profitable manner once our trade in going in positive direction of our Entry point. Today I am going to share you one technique to use stoploss and target. For an example “ TATA STEEL” is moving @ 1000 Rs per share and we found any opportunity of Entry. We can calculate our stop loss by Below formula.

 Formula for 1:1 Ratio = Symbol/300

                                     1000(Tatasteel)/300 = 3.33

                                     Now we can put 3.30( Approx) as a Stopl oss and Same as a Target.

As according to the condition of Buy Entry stop loss must be : 996.70 and Target will be 1003.30.

If we have only 1 lot or we want to exit  at one point, we must use only one target or if we have more that one lot and we are willing to book our profitable trade partially then we have to use more targets such as Target 2 and target 3.

In our Next Blogs we will talk about the technique to book profit in Partial targets.


Note: Here we use 300 because we have checked this for many symbols and we found it works perfect.






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Unique Multi Time Frame Auto Trendline MT4 Indicator

Writer-Mcx Sure Gain

Description : Auto trendline indicator is the indicator which gives you the Pivot and Support resistance levels by analyzing 2 higher highs and 2 Lower Lows. Once the current high is lower then the previous swing high then it will draw one trendline on 2 tops. same thing it will do one the 2 Swing Lows and draw a line accordingly.


Strategy : Once you find any 2 Lines on higher highs and Lower Lows, You need to check whenever price break the crossover point and sustain above the crossover point we can buy with the SL of Candle closing below the Pivot. Here Pivot is the crossover point. Sometimes it will make a parellel line on highs and lows. we need to trade with the same condition.


Time Frame : Any Time Frame according to the Long or short term results

Indicator Used :  Auto Trendline - MSG





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