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 In Stock or commodity market, there are lots of methods to analyze stocks which make trading easier and profitable. But, unfortunately most of the traders who trade in stock or commodity markets are not aware of charting and technical analysis or fundamental analysis. They are doing silly mistakes and such mistakes are the only reason to lose their money.

Once you start any business before that you always do analysis about the product which you want to make and about that you do full research about it. After getting successful result on your analysis only you start business and you get success because of the homework done by you.

In stock market, we don’t follow the same concept. Stock market is not a place where you come and gamble. In gambling luck is very important and we all knows very well that luck never works all time. Stock market is a place we buy and sell shares for getting profits. In short I can say it is also a Business.

Once you start trading in stock or commodity market, you must use technical analysis to analyze which stock can give you sufficient profits on your investments. Technical analysis is not as technical as it sounds. Its Simply a way to forecast the price of a particular stock by analyzing its current market price and previous movement. In technical but simple words we can say that

“Technical Analysis is the way to find breakouts. Let’s find it.”

Now days, in the industry of Stock market, traders use many indicators to forecast stock prices. Some most favourite and commonly used indicators are Moving Average, MACD (Moving average convergence divergence), Bollinger bands, RSI etc. These all indicators are capable to give accuracy about 50-60% in case of arrow to arrow trade. Arrow to arrow means buy on up arrow and Sell on down arrow wise versa. But if you use same indicators in Arrow to profit then you can have more accurate results.

All above indicators are called trending indicators. Trending indicator actually gives signal late as compare to price action strategy. The indicator which works on price action works more accurate as compare to all other famous indicators mentioned above.

MCX Sure gain recently Launch one revolutionary Indicator for Stock or commodity market which is working with Price action and breakouts. The purpose of making such indicator is to give traders better experience of trading and it is best for those who want to trade and earn profits on daily basis.

Now days, more than 70% traders are intraday traders and on demand of many traders we have created the system called “EAGLE trading System”. Eagle trading system is the exclusive, user friendly and highly profitable trading system for stocks and commodity market.

Following are the Advantages of Eagle trading system:

1. Purely Intraday Based Indicator

2. Indicator which give Re-entry

3. Works well in lower timeframes

4. Capture All Trend’s profit Easily

5. Easy and User friendly

Purely Intraday Based Indicator:

Eagle trading is purely intraday trading system. We make the indicator for intraday traders only. In this indicator you will get signal for the day trading purpose and you don’t have to carry the position for next day so that you will get rid of the unwanted risk of carrying the position for Next day. We all know that most of the traders in India wants to trade on Intraday based and so that we made the indicator on demand of the day traders.

Indicator which give Re-entry:

Most of the indicators give entry and we don’t take full profit from the trade because we don’t know that how much movement is going to come into the particular movement of the stock or commodity. But, as we told you that it’s a intraday based indicator so suppose if one trend works for next 5 days and in other indicators if we exited from the trade in intraday then we need to wait for the reversal trend for next 5 days and there after we can trade for new signal. Eagle trading system gives daily new entry so for all 5 days we will get re-entry everyday and so that we can earn smartly.

Works well in lower timeframes:

Eagle trading system is a breakout based indicator so we can also use the indicator in lower time frames such as M1, M5 because we can easily come to know the reversal and to exit early without having major loss in the trade. Sometime we lose more money while using bigger time frame such as 30 MIN, 1HR etc. because in one hour you all know that what market can do with you if you are against the trend. Eagle trading system is best in that case to save your money in such negative trends as well.

Capture All Trend’s profit easily:

As we discussed earlier about indicator gives re-entry in a long term trend so we can say that it is able to capture the full trend of particular stock. We can use the indicator in Indian as well as foreign markets. To earn profit in smart and easy way.

Easy and User friendly

We have developed Eagle trading system for MT4 platform and you all know very well that MT4 is the easiest charting platform in the world. In Indicator you will get Alerts on Entry, Targets and Stop loss. Eagle trading system comes with dashboard in the chart. On the dashboard you can easily watch the entry price target price and SL level. Each and Every Signal comes with sound and popup Notification alert.

If you want to have a demo of it you can visit our website or you can Fill the demo form link given below 

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