Best Eagle Scanner cum Dashboard

Writer-Mcx Sure Gain

Traders, we are here again to introduce you with our one more product which is a MT4 charting indicator which gives highly accurate tips about stock and commodity. This is not a trend following or lagging indicator which provide the signals very late and maximum time we are not able to take the trades in such signals because, already you find that half of the movement for the trend is already over. One more major problem which most of the indicators do have that, Indicators always gives signals according to the trend and most of the time if the movement of the trend remains active for more than one day.

MCX Sure Gain always care about the profitability of the traders, so after doing so much research now, we are going to launch the most powerful tool for generating profits daily. It is nothing but a MT4 based indicator in which we have used a price action based breakout strategy which gives signals in early manner to earn maximum profits during the trading sessions. This indicator is the advance version or our earlier indicator named Eagle trading system. Eagle works on Trendline breakouts and gives Accuracy more than other indicators. It identifies the breakout and generate tips immediately. You can even use the indicator in One or Five minutes timeframe.

Eagle Scanner dashboard indicator scan all symbols shown in Market Watch and it creates one dashboard on the chart window. There are two modes in the indicator one is dashboard mode and another one is Normal mode. In dashboard mode, it can scan all symbols in the market watch and show all symbols entry exit and status on the dashboard. If you click on any box of any symbol it will automatic convert to the normal mode and then you can see the whole chart of that particular symbol.

This indicator gives full notifications such as entry, exit and for every stop loss or any target. For an example whenever the buy or sell signal will come, it will give signal with sound and pop-up notification. After the signal, it will wait for the stop loss and target and whenever the target achieves it will notify that “target 1 achieved” and same it will do in the case of stop loss as well.

Above is the image of the indicator. If you want to have a demo of our indicator you can take demo for 3 days. You can write us on