Top 6 Benefits of Auto Robot Trading in stocks or commodities

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Top 6 Benefits of Automatic trading in Stock Market or Commodity

As we all knows that India is a developing country and adopting the advance culture of developed countries such as United States of America.  We are also adopting the Technology and tools also which are there from a long time. Auto Robot trading is also one among them. As per the survey, in united state of America more than 65% people are doing auto trading. They are not spending more time in trading currency pairs or any commodity. Manual trading is full of emotions and we all know that emotion makes us coward. When we trade and price started going down, we feel panic and at that time we take some wrong decisions which will become the reason of unwanted loss in a trade.

 Now, we need to add the auto robot trading in our trading procedure. MCX Sure gain is offering Auto Robot trading software which connects any Indian trading terminal to MT4 and whenever MT4 generates the signal. It will automatically place the same order in the Market immediately.  Auto trading (ATS) is beneficial for those peoples who don’t have time for manual trading now it’s easy to do trading automatically so let we try to know that how it can be possible. Following are some advantages of doing auto robot trading:

(1)    No manual intervention:-  Once you use auto trading, you don’t need to do anything manually. The program will automatically generate orders and submit them to it market exchange by the help of Meta trader 4. Automatic trading establish exit for any kind of Signal. This article will introduce readers to and explain many more benefits of auto trading system.


(2)    Time saving process: - Automatic trading process is also a time saving process as there is no manual intervention. We don’t need to sit on computer for long time. We simply can start the auto trading and move away. You can use some Interesting and profitable strategies like Super Trend, Moving Average, MA Crossovers, Gap Scalper, JARVIS trading etc. If any of the trader have any strategy which we want to develop on MT4, MCX Sure gain is the best source for that type or tasks.


(3)    Emotion less trading: - Automatic trading systems minimize emotions throughout the trading process. Because, if we trade automatically then we don’t involve the emotions as we do not sit in computer and do not watch the floating market. Traders who believe in automatic trading they don’t have need to hesitate during trading because automatic trading system have some rules if traders follow this rules there is no risk.


(4)    Profitable: - Yes, Automatic trading in stocks and commodity is Possible and Profitable. In automatic trading system if traders use the best indicators which are giving best results in day trading or in short term trading, it will be profitable. It is a common Quote that if you trade with proper strategy and with proper rules for one month you will surely get profit. No matter lesser or higher return but, you will make profit for sure. MCX Sure gain have some good and profitable strategies, We had told earlier about the names of the strategies.


(5)    Money management:- Robots always have the money management system for the traders. In the robot trading you can decide that how much maximum profit you want for today and how much loss you can bear. You can fix the amount in Rupees and the robot will consider the same. In case of profit or loss of the amount mentioned there, it will square off all the trades and make you free from the trading.


(6)    Custom Stop loss and Target: - (STOP+LOSS=STOP LOSS) No one wants bear loss in any kind of business where they invest their money for profit. In stock market sometimes trend is up and down and for sometimes it may be stable. If traders want to stop their loss they should exit from their trade immediately if the signal gets generated against them, or you can say if trend is going against you then you must exit otherwise it could become a reason of a huge loss in your account. But, in Auto trading tool you will find the options in the input of the indicator about putting Stop loss and targets. You can either use the Trailing stop loss of the normal one. In the trailing Stop loss it will trail according to the price movement.



Conclusion:  In this article we have a very few words about auto robot trading. In the conclusion I just want to say you that, for doing emotionless trading we must use the auto robot trading tool which works for any market. I am having suggestion of a video as well. I am giving you the link of the video In English and hindi both. You can watch the videos and get the idea about robot trading. I hope you have got all appropriate knowledge about the Benefits of automatic trading.

Video Links : Hindi , English