Blog - Super Trend Indicator and Scanner

Writer-Mcx Sure Gain

A super trend is the most popular indicator for technical analysis in stock and commodity market. Trader's community is using this indicator for a long time, and it's a favorite strategy among them. Super Trend indicator is based on ATR and multiplier. It comes with the flexibility of changing the parameters and also you will get a line above or below the chart which confirms the bullish and the bearish trend of the particular stock in which we plot it. Most of the financial service providers are having this indicator in their portfolio, and MCX Sure gain is also one among them. We require the charting software with an appropriate data feed of a particular stock or commodity where we want to plot this indicator. MCX Sure gain strongly supports MT4 platform because it is the online charting platform where you can get the live feed of not only MCX and NSE markets but also FOREX and COMEX.

MCX Sure gain is providing two types of super trend indicators. One is normal and the second one is the Scanner mode. In the manual version, you need to apply the super trend indicator to a particular chart, and it will show the buy and sell indications as an arrow. It will also show the target and Stop-loss lines in the charting window. However, if you want to see the many numbers of charts or the movement in more charts, then it is not easily possible in MT4 because it uses the high memory of PC and sometimes it makes your computer not responding. There is a solution to the problem which is the Scanner mode. MCX Sure Gain has recently developed the scanner for Super trend indicator which can scan more than 500 symbols at once without using heavy CPU or memory of the Computer.

The latest version is the Super trend scanner in which you can scan any number of symbols simultaneously. MT4 provides market watch in their charting terminal, and the Super trend indicator can examine all the symbols attached to the market watch list. Now you can get alerts as a popup and sound. Whenever the super trend generates the Buy or Sell signal in any particular symbol, it notifies you immediately without any delay. MT4 is the excellent platform to run such kind of scanners without any problem of hanging so that, more than 500 charts can measure at a time and traders can stay connected with the movement of the market with a very simple scanner. I am giving you the link of getting the demo of the super trend and the scanner. I hope the information provided in the blog was knowledgeable. You can follow me for getting more blogs related to stock and commodity trading.