Use of Virtual Private Server for Auto robot trading

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The virtual private server is a virtual operating system which is available to automate any process which we cannot do on our personal computer. The virtual private server is a hosting service where we host website, databases, software, and auto robot trading in stock and commodity market. We can connect it via a tool provided in Microsoft windows called Remote desktop connection. The virtual private server has its internet, and the main feature of VPS is that it remains started forever until we don’t close it. The virtual private server is critical for those who are trading in stock and commodity market with Auto robot trading. 

While we make a strategy in stock and commodity market, we need to host it in the Virtual private server because it is not possible to keep your computer ON all the time and also to keep it connected with internet all the time. When we shut down the computer and restart it, at that time we need to reset the tools which are required in order to perform the auto trading. It may cause losing the previous trade history and some other essential trades too. In this blog, we are going to discuss what all aspects are needed while using the Virtual private server.

Method to Run the Virtual Private server:

Windows operation system gives an option to open it straightforwardly. Search in the windows programs for Remote desktop connection and the first field; we need to put the Ip address provided by the VPS provider. In the second field, we need to set the username and password. Most of the VPS do have a default username Administrator and a unique password. Once we complete this process, it will redirect us to the operating system which looks like the desktop of a computer.

User Manual and precautions:

VPS server comes with various hardware configurations such as CPU, RAM and Disk Space. We can take VPS according to our need and according to our needed location. VPS allows us to install all software needed for trading in stock and commodity market. MT4 provides auto robot trading feature in the software itself. Most of the FOREX traders are trading automatically trading via VPS only because, they don’t want to get an interruption in their trades. While we use a personal computer, we need to face many issues such as hardware failure, internet, and electrical failure. On the other side, VPS is not having such types of problems because the providers have high-quality servers along with high-speed internet and up to 99% uptime.
 Now we need to move to Indian stock and commodity markets, where we do not get the feature of Auto trading in the trading platforms. That is the reason we need to use a bridge software and MT4 Platform. An MT4 platform is used for generating signals according to the strategy made for auto trading. Bridge software connects to the MT4 and Trading platform. It receives signals from MT4 and pushes the message to the trading platform accordingly. It is compulsory to open all three software in the Server to perform the auto robot trading because, if all three software does not remain in running mode, it can be the cause of losing the trade. 

Things which can interrupt the Auto trading:

Monitoring the CPU and the memory usage consumption is essential. If the CPU and memory consumption reaches up to 100% level, it may increase the chances of crashing the Virtual private server and can make software not responding. MT4 always use high CPU consumption because it comes with a regular live feed of market data via web sockets. It can decrease if we use it correctly. Don’t keep all market data in the market watch window. Use only those symbols in which are going to do trading. One more important fact about the MT4 is that Indicator which we use also impacts the memory and CPU consumption. Always try to watch limited charts in the chat window because it will maintain the memory and CPU. If CPU usage reaches 100 %, it may also forcefully restart the VPS which may result closing the running software, and that may cause losing trades.

Monitoring CPU and Memory:

We can monitor the CPU and Memory by following easy steps. We need to the right click on the task-bar of the virtual private server and click on task manager. In the process section, we can see the memory consumption of all running software. In the part of the performance, we can see the CPU and memory consumption. An indicator which is having colossal coding and conditions according to our state makes it, and it will start using high memory and CPU.

Key Points to use VPS properly:
1. Avoid frequent connection
2. Monitor CPU usage 
3. Don’t Close any software during trading
4. Open and Close VPS properly

If we follow the above steps, we will never miss any trade, and our auto-trading will run correctly without any interruption. Follow the steps correctly to use auto robot trading because your money is precious and hard earned. Any interruption may cause losing money. Auto trading is also called emotionless trading, enjoy the emotionless trading with the Virtual private server.

Happy Trading!