Algo Trading in India | How to do Auto Trading

Writer-Mcx Sure Gain

Nowadays, ALGO trading is very popular among traders because it gives an emotionless experience. While doing manual trading in the stock and commodity market, we face so many problems. the major problem which we face in manual trading is the involvement of emotions. Let's assume we are into a trade and if the trade starts going against our position, we become panic and forget to put the Stoploss in the trade and which results in a huge loss in our position. Many times we may lose our all money in a single trade itself.

If we trade with Auto robot trader, it helps us to get rid of the market volatility and keep a strict Stoploss to the trade. If the trend goes against the trade, it automatically squares off the position and takes new positions according to the trend change.

Once an algorithm strategy identifies an entry in any stock or commodity, it places an order in the market instantly before an eye blink. While we think an order is placed simply by telling the broker. we need to tell him about our stock, quantity and other things. It may take a long time and meanwhile, sometimes we miss the best entry price and face the slippage.

Traders in India are now being adopting auto robot trading because of its smart benefits. It is always better than doing gambling by placing random trades, without having any proper knowledge about the trend of the market. MCX Sure Gain is a company providing best ALGO software for stock and commodity markets. Traders of India can trade with the best MT4 indicators available in the market and can earn profit in a smart and profitable manner. One of the highly profitable indicators for commodity trading in India is "Money Machine" Indicator.

If we Talk about the performance chart of MONEY MACHINE, we found that it has given more than 300% gain in the last 10 Months. It is the best indicator for Crude Oil and if anyone invests the 1 Lac capital and start trading with Crude Oil Single Lot, it is able to earn 25,000 + Profit every month. Money Machine Indicator is superb robot trading system available for Indian Commodity market and you can say it is the exclusive MT4 indicator in the market which is having such a marvelous report card.

Doing ALGO trading in India is now very easy because most advanced brokers are available in India. Zerodha, Alice Blue and Upstox are the main brokers who provide the API solutions for trading automatically. API makes trading more efficient and effective. MCX Sure gain supports all above brokers and also the other brokers too. Most of the brokers are having ODIN and NEST software. ALGO trading can be possible in such software as well.

Trading manually can be more dangerous but, if one can start with ALGO trading, it will be safer and best for trading in stock or commodity. In India, less than 2% of traders are aware of the Auto robot trading and 98% of people are still losing their capitals by gambling. Our personal suggestion is to convert your trades from manual to ALGO will be more profitable and fruitful.